When starting a project like a kitchen or bath remodel, you want to make sure you get going on the right foot. Whatever stage of remodel you’re at, our staff is more than happy to point you in the right direction. Our in-house designer can guide you on options and selection for your next project. Don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call!

Over our more than 30 years of business, we have worked with new construction projects as well as remodels and renovations.

We will come to measure your kitchen and/or bath cabinets for a $50.00 fee, which will be credited toward your final bill if you decide to buy from us. 

Getting measurements for your existing cabinets is vital to determining the potential cost of your investment. We want to help you work within your budget, and precise measurements for existing cabinets will inform you what materials and labor you will need in the long run. 

If you want to put in additional cabinets to a laundry room, a bathroom, or a new pantry, we can determine what will best suit the space you have. 

Initially, we will need measurements of the room where you want cabinets. Our measurements include overall wall lengths, windows locations, plumbing, and ceiling height. 


Cabinets affect how efficient and functional the storage space is in your kitchen. 

Remodeling a kitchen is exciting, but it can also be disruptive to everyday life if you are living in your home while there is construction going on.


Talk with your contractor or installers about the timeline and plan of action. Make a plan for your meals, like if you are still preparing food at home or eating out for some of your meals. Have a cooler ready if you can’t use a refrigerator or relocate it to your garage. It may be wise to use paper plates and disposable kitchenware if you won’t have access to your kitchen sink and dishwasher.


And if you like having your coffee in the morning, relocate your coffeemaker to another, more accessible place in your home during the remodel. It will make your mornings that much easier.

Because we carry multiple lines of cabinets from quality manufacturers, availability can range from immediate pickup for our in-stock selection to five weeks direct when ordered from the manufacturer.

We know every customer has their own budget, and we want to accommodate every remodel and renovation project in a straightforward and simple means of payment.

Upon placing an order, we require an initial deposit of 50%, then 40% upon delivery, and finally 10% upon completion of installation.