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Stone and Quartz Countertops

Granite is a naturally-occurring stone from a solid slab, while quartz countertops are made of engineered stone.


One of the main differences you will find between granite/stone and quartz for your countertop is the pattern. Natural stone has a pattern that is not uniform –nature has a mind of its own! On the other hand, quartz can offer more uniform and even patterns.


Either way, when it comes to countertops, stone and quartz are some of the very best building materials and among the most popular types of countertops worldwide.


For kitchens, bathrooms, and vanities, stone and quartz are attractive and durable.


A stone or quartz countertop not only brings character to your kitchen or bathroom, but the performance and benefits will also stand the test of time.


Our company has ongoing relationships with vendors and fabricators, so while you are picking out your new cabinets, you can also make a new countertop to pair with!



Laminate Countertops

For house owners and remodelers looking for a new appearance that will last, then stone or quartz is right for you.


However, some individuals will choose a laminate that looks like natural stones; for instance, marble and granite, to save on cost or stick to their budget.


Laminate countertops have been popular for many years since they are affordable and easily available. You might know them by the common trademark name, Formica. Often seen as backsplashes, for the cost, they perform well in a cooking area setting.


Unlike the laminate of the past, new technology has afforded the laminate market an upgrade. Today’s high-pressure laminates (HPLs) provide hundreds of design alternatives and are still far more budget-friendly than many other products.


High-pressure laminates are exceptional options for longevity as well as stain and scratch resistance, especially when compared to outdated veneer and vinyl.


They are also incredibly low-maintenance compared to surfaces that need necessary sealing or refinishing.


Drastically more cost-effective than stone, laminate countertops are a clever option for homeowners seeking to renovate on a small budget plan and still get a great design.


If you are feeling a little torn on which option will be best for your project and your needs, contact our knowledgeable staff and we will guide you in the making the right choice!

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